A couple of speedy still-life’y paintings for Sketchdaily. It’s fun doing these a bit fast and sloppy :)

Girlfriend have been playing through Child of Light beside me last week. Love the art style of that game and while it’s not magical watercolor as the game world, I had to make some fan art.

Kotake and Koume from Sketchdaily’s legend of zelda-theme :D

Also testing out some more line-heavy workflow. Iz hard.

Mary Poppins for a sketchdaily a few days back :3

Lady villains of the DC Universe

Originally part of the “super villain” theme from sketchdaily, but the first one was so fun that I had to do set of three :)

Leliana from Dragon age!

… For the girlfriend :3

Anonymous asked:
Hey! You do amazing work! Just wanted to say that. Also ask you what inspires you? Like, other artists, people in your life, things around you or something like that? Because you make such a varied amount of things and stuff, so that inspiration has to come from somewhere! At least I hope so.

That is so awesome to hear! Thanks :D

There’s sooo much stuff that’s inspirational everywhere, especially here on Tumblr. I don’t even know where to begin. I wish I had time to paint everything there is and explore all styles :D In reality, I don’t feel like I get sudden kicks of inspiration to boost my motivation or anything like that. I just sit and draw all day and when I see something cool I wish I could make, I start my next drawing closer to that style or some of those ideas. When I repeat that process over hundreds of drawings there’s bound to come out some pretty different stuff, at least :)

I’m struggling to put into words how inspiration works for me. If anything, I percieve it more as an adjustment to my general direction than a jolt of creative energy :)

More RedditGetsDrawns!
I always end up just doing a face or a bust when I’d really love to practice full-bodies and full photos. It’s more interesting to get the weight and pose and experiment with compositions that way. In my opinion, that is :)

Three more funsies from RedditGetsDrawn :)

Just started rewatching Broadchurch. Really loved it the first time around and it almost feels even better now on the second watch! So much so that fan art had to be made

Also I got the girlfriend, Lyriumnug, to consult me on the colors. Thanks! <3