Your work is sublime! Do you have any links to how you go about creating these ie what software tools you use, workflow etc. Keep it up! its fantastic!

Thanks a lot! :) Really encouraging to hear!

I just made a brand new F.A.Q where I’ve written up a bit on what resources I use and what I’ve learned the most from. Hope that’s helpful! :)

More life drawing from blankspaceoslo!

Today we were doing semi-long poses, as in 10-20 minutes only (with some 2-5 minute warmups). I very rarely practice those times, so it’s great getting to try that out a bit. Hope we get to do it again soon :3

Some more of the results from the “ask us to draw you anything”-post on RedditGetsDrawn earlier this week.

lyriumnug's 2k follower giveaway officially ended last weekend, and 3 winners were chosen at random.

1st prize went to qunaricuddles

2nd prize went to edenprimes

3rd prize went to naariel

Congrats all! So much fun drawing your requests :D

RedditGetsDrawn had this giant “ask us to draw you anything”-post where people could just submit suggestions and artists could just jump in and draw it. 

Great fun! :D Even though it was a really busy week and I should probably have used that time for sleeping instead.

Back to life drawing at blankspaceoslo (they totally have tumblr, it seems! I’m gonna link to that from now on :D)

Costume drawing today. Model had this badass outfit with a totally legit leather jacket. 

A Sketchdaily from some days ago. The theme was neon. I have to remind myself more often how much fun it is going all out on bright, saturated colors :D

Sketchdaily theme a few days ago was Swamp. Really fun to do!

More RedditGetsDrawn! Woop!

Skechdaily had Sailor Moon as a theme yesterday. Such fun! :D