Three more RedditGetsDrawn’s!

Busy days at work, so I’ve been a bit lazy with these lately. I’ll probably catch up in a little while :)

My delayed tribute to Robin Williams.

Business pickle commuting to work

Google SketchUp is so cool and great for blocking out perspective-heavy stuff for paintovers or straight up illustrations :D

So here is some practice SketchUp’ing to get a better hold of how it actually works :)

I gotta investigate this further.

A value study from life for SketchDaily a few days ago.

I had just bought these awesome foam-dices for more aggressive dramatic dice throwing during tense moments in board game night.

Turns out they’re great for having some different primitive shapes to study that isn’t tiny :)

Oh, and my super cool setup shown in the lower image.

Sketchdaily from a few days ago. 

The theme was Sharknado (just in case that wasn’t too obvious)

More RedditGetsDrawn’s that I forgot to post! Testing out some different stuff. 


Also known as stuff that wouldn’t fit too well as a single post :3

Themes, from top to bottom!


Film Noir

Film Director (busy day at work, so it’s just a quick, sketchy attempt at a disgruntled Guillermo del Toro)

Post-apocalyptic punk

Your work is sublime! Do you have any links to how you go about creating these ie what software tools you use, workflow etc. Keep it up! its fantastic!

Thanks a lot! :) Really encouraging to hear!

I just made a brand new F.A.Q where I’ve written up a bit on what resources I use and what I’ve learned the most from. Hope that’s helpful! :)

More life drawing from blankspaceoslo!

Today we were doing semi-long poses, as in 10-20 minutes only (with some 2-5 minute warmups). I very rarely practice those times, so it’s great getting to try that out a bit. Hope we get to do it again soon :3