More SketchDaily! Bumper cars mayhem with other SketchDaily-contributors from a little while ago!

Based off of self-portraits for an earlier SketchDaily-theme :)

Myself at the theme park as a kid! Two themes from Sketchdaily a few weeks ago that I forgot about.

Cotton candy & house of mirrors still sounds pretty magical. Even though I can’t really stand neither :)

Sketchdaily yesterday was Wizard of Oz so I snuck in a drawing of Elphaba from Wicked :D

Combining two of my favorite animated shows right now!

I was watching and loving the lastest Gravity Falls when I heard the news that Book 4 of Legend of Korra would be released in only three weeks :O

Alien autopsy averted! :)

A battlemoose!

For yesterday’s Sketchdaily

New self-portrait time! 

Allright, my old self-portrait was done in somewhat of a haze, and I ended up looking so sinister and serious, so I thought I should make one that reflects a little bit better that I’m neither :)

A post-apocalyptic punk. Or rather, a punk 30 minutes after the apocalypse before all clothes rot and people begin wearing tires. Everything instantly reverts to the 80’s at that point.

Road trip!

Some of my fondest road trip-memories was sitting with my sister in the back, watching Conan the destroyer on repeat the whole way through.
Good times :)

A couple of more still lives for Sketchdaily